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Free Washington state phone number to your Internet phone.

Welcome to IPKall, the service that lets you receive FREE calls over the Internet from any phone, anywhere, any time!

*** Now offering Free Toll Free Termination ***

This is truly a FREE service

We don't sell equipment or service, there is no charge for registering or for connecting your calls to IP, and we do NOT provide any customer service.

Free Toll Free Termination

IPKall now offers FREE Toll Free Termination services for all your calls. Find Out More

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register your SIP client with a VoIP service like or Once you register your IP phone with their VoIP Network, you are able to contact all of the other registered members if they are on-line when you are. These services provide an external SIP contact address like You can use a hardware device, such as an IP Phone or ATA, or a softphone running on your PC, such as X-Lite or Ekiga, in conjunction with a headset or microphone and speakers.

  2. After you receive your SIP address, register that address at IpKall, and you will be assigned a local number in Washington State. Give out your Washington state number to friends, family, business associates, and others around the world. Using this number, they can call you for the cost of a domestic call and you will receive the call through your IP telephone device anywhere in the world.

It's just that easy!

  • If you are experiencing an interruption in service, request information by emailing

Software that Works on your Computer:

  • X-Lite is a free SIP-based softphone with all of the features of a standard business telephone. The intuitive design and familar layout provide for easy use.
    Use X-lite to receive and make phone calls from your PC, Laptop or Pocket PC. For more information visit their website.

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